Artisan artefacts

Among the artisan cultures that are handed down from generation to generation in Bosa there are several and have deep roots: from filet, lace or lace of great value, whose workmanship is of ancient Bosan custom and whose designs recall origins linked to the gynoecies of the first monasteries, the women’s rooms of the castle, the harems of the Saracen courts, or peacocks, pigeons, vine shoots and bunches of grapes that come from the religious symbolism of Byzantine monks.

The goldsmith’s art is of high quality and also recalls the mastery in the ancient and modern origins of the Tuscans and Spaniards who introduced the “filigree” workmanship, very important in the tradition of Sardinian jewellery.

Today’s workshops, together with the ability to reproduce with competent mastery the traditional jewels linked to the costumes of women and men, such as rings, necklaces, pendants, propose pieces of absolute modernity and rare beauty, combining the ancient designs with the most current trends.

The Sardinian faith and the “su coccu”, Sardinian amulet against the evil eye, traditionally made of obsidian or onyx mounted on silver. Of great value is also the coral working, of great importance not only in Bosa but all over Sardinia.