Bosa Malvasia DOC

A separate chapter deserves the Malvasia, a true and authentic local product, whose production is of national and international importance.

It is considered one of the finest wines in Italy. For its particularity it can be consumed both young and aged.

It is the result of the sun and the agricultural work for the cultivation of Malvasia grapes very present in the area of Bosa and Planargia.

It has an intense and persistent perfume of ripe fruit reminiscent of apricot and peach; to the taste it is sweet or sweet, soft and persuasive that make it fine and elegant. It is generally accompanied by desserts but lately the local excellences have managed to modulate some excellent quality malvasia for meals.

The Malvasia was the occasion to realize the first wine road “La Strada della Malvasia di Bosa” an association that promotes the links between the small areas of production of D.O.C. quality wines to which belong wineries companies of Bosa and Planargia with the aim to protect and enhance the varieties and peculiarities of Malvasia di Bosa.