Bread, sweets and typical dishes

There is no place in Bosa where you can eat badly: earch for flour, short supply chain food quality in both retail shops and supermarkets.

Local products such as artichokes, olive oil, asparagus and every kind of fruit or vegetable guarantee the quality of the dishes that are characteristic for their authenticity, never overworked, where the taste and essence are semi-godible and the quality of the raw material indisputable.

Among the typical dishes the “S’Azada” (fish breed) and Gattuccio (kind of fish) the Bosana Lobster and the lobster soup.

Also famous are the Bosan panada:

Many varieties of bread, here we take up what is indicated in the institutional website of the Municipality of Bosa, from the simple ones of daily consumption (sos tundos, sas kovattsas, su bistokku, sas paltsidas) to those elaborated for solemn occasions.

On Easter holidays, for example, carved forms reminding the Passion of Christ (sa rughe, sa corona, s’iskala) are shaped. Also for Easter (Paska ‘e aprile) a type of bread expressly dedicated to children is made (sos kokkorrois kun s’ou).

Every festivity also has its characteristic dessert: sas frisciolas longas, sa pasta violada and sos kulinzones de mendula (almond cakes) for Carnival; sas kasadinas (made with sheep’s or cow’s cheese and sultanas) and sa tilikkas (filled with sapa or almonds and honey); sos pabassinos (cakes with chopped almonds and walnuts and sultanas) and sos santos de tukkaru for All Saints’ Day.

Bosana lobster
Bosan Panadas