City of Bosa

Bosa, one of the most beautiful city in Sardinia.

Welcome to Bosa, a small, picturesque Sardinian town, known as “the city of colours” located west of the island, along the river Temo, navigable, brackish water. This town full of colourful houses, very close to the wonderful sea and the beautiful beaches, will enchant you with its architecture, interesting history, breathtaking nature, excellent cuisine and the hospitality of its inhabitants.

To get to Bosa, the easiest and most immediate choice is to land at the airport of Alghero, then the coastal road Alghero – Bosa, about 45 km, a beautiful road to enjoy in complete relax.

The patron saints of the city are Emilio and Priamo, whose feast day is May 28th.

The town of Bosa hides many pearls of history and architecture. The first monument, already visible when approaching the town, is the Malaspina Castle built in 1112. The medieval fortress offers a breathtaking view of the town and its surroundings and is open to visitors all year round. Following the narrow streets you can breathe the magical atmosphere of the place and discover many fascinating places. Don’t miss the beautiful churches, such as the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, the church of Santa Maria del Carmine, as well as the church of San Pietro founded in 1062 and located on the other side of the river, and Regnos Altos Church, located in the castle.

For years the inhabitants of Bosa have dedicated themselves to the tanning of skins. The tanneries were and still are located along the river Temo, still visible today while walking along the river.Nowadays the activity is no longer in progress, but if you want to find out more about the treatment of skins, do not miss the museum called “Museo delle Conce”, where you can, a testimony of the tanneries, to better know the tanning industry of Bosa and its history. Other interesting places are the Cottolengo house, the Town Hall building and the splendid bridge called Ponte Vecchio.

Arriving in Bosa, do not miss the panoramic road, called Litoranea, which leads from Alghero to the town. This road will also take you to the most important beaches and points in the area, such as the beach of Bosa Marina, Cane Malu, Turas or the coves of Sas Covas with a small port. The bay of Bosa Marina and its beach are among the busiest in Sardinia.

During your visit to Bosa, don’t forget to taste the local food and wine specialities, in particular the seafood and the local Malvasia wine. The town also offers many interesting festivals that take place in different months of the year. The best known is the traditional carnival with the parade of ancient masks. On the first Sunday in August you can admire the procession of the boats on the river Temo, while on June 24th, St. John’s Day, you can participate in the gallop of the horses along the town.

Bosa, Cane malu

The most important churches are the Chiesa del Carmine, San Pietro extra muros, Nostra Signora di Regnos Altos, Nostra Signora del Rosario, Chiesa Della Beata Vergine del Carmelo, Chiesa della Cattedrale and Santa Marie Stella Marisin Bosa Marina.

There are also several country churches that are opened on the day of the saint’s feast day such as San Giorgio, Santa Giusta, Sant’Eligio and others that can be found along the walks under the castle towards the mouth of the river Temo ( ).

The Carnival of Bosa

The Bosano Carnival festival, characterized by a lively popularity and participated by all the inhabitants, lasts from Thursday to Shrove Tuesday, schools are often closed and colourful floats are organized for the children of the schools in whose preparation families and schools participate. An association is dedicated to the organization of the Carnival, which has an ancestral flavor, with deep symbolism and lived intensely by the citizens.


Particular attention is given to the kitchen with short chain products, healthy and well cooked, artichokes, oil, bottarga, lobster bosana, malvasia and all kinds of dishes including pizzas, will find your favor, special flours and attention to every detail. Raw material of extreme quality.

There is no doubt that you will be welcomed with open arms and will leave an indelible memory. It is no coincidence that there are also many non-Italian European residents and non Sardinians who have moved to Bosa.

Here, a few photos to have just an idea. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit Bosa.