Cane Malu

Cane Malu, which in Sardinian means “bad dog”, is a natural pool located on the coast of Bosa. The name of the place comes probably from the resemblance of one of the rocks to the dog’s tail. The pool, created by the forces of nature, consists of an inlet in the white trachyte filled with emerald water. This exceptional place is particularly beloved by fans of dives and snorkeling.

How to reach Cane Malu?

The spot is easily reachable from Bosa Marina by a 15-minutes-long walk on the path along the coast. Apart from swimming and snorkeling, Cane Malu is also a perfect place for hiking and walking trips. While bathing in the pool, pay attention to the numerous sea urchins living on the seabed.

It is also possible to reach it by land, from the Sas Covas area along the small port of Bosa.