Church of Santa Maria Stella Maris, Bosa Marina

The Church of Santa Maria Stella Maris, was built in 1686, following the discovery of a statue of a Madonna on the Sea Shore, which was taken to the little church of St. Paul the hermit that stood on a rock near the mouth of the river Temo. The then Bishop Sotgia thought to give a more worthy dwelling to the Madonna coming from the sea and had a new building built dedicating it to S. Maria Stella Maris.

The church consists of a central nave with seven side chapels. The architectural lines of the nave follow the Renaissance trends, while the dome above the presbytery is in Baroque style as well as the altar. The large polychrome statue of the Madonna has seventeenth-century movements, the front part in solid wood and the back in waxed canvas, reminiscent of the figurehead of a ship. On the walls of the presbytery hang two large canvases depicting the Visit of St. Anthony the Abbot to St. Paul Hermit in the desert and the Miraculous Fishing in the Sea of Galilee by Emilio Scherer.

SANTA MARIA STELLA MARIS is celebrated every year, on the first Sunday of August, Santa Maria del Mare an event that takes place along the river Temo.

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