Magomadas is a picturesque village in the area of Planargia, inhabited by about 700 people. Located on top of a hill, the village offers breathtaking views on the landscapes around it: a beautiful sea and the Modolo valley. The settlement was founded by the Phoenicians and its name means “new city”. In the center of the village you can admire the typical local architecture, the church of Saint John the Baptist (chiesa di San Giovanni Battista), erected in the XIII century or the church of the Saint Cross (chiesa di Santa Croce), with a beautiful wooden cross.

Magomadas is also well-known for the production of the typical regional wine called Malvasia, and it is a part of the so-called “Road of Malvasia di Bosa” (Strada della Malvasia di Bosa), a network that connects the local Malvasia wine producers of the territory. While visiting the town, do not miss the Wine Museum (Museo del Vino della Planargia) where you will learn the interesting history of regional wine production and taste a glass of delicious wine in one of the local enotecas.

Fans of the beach will enjoy the coastal spots with white sand, especially the Santa Maria del Mare, located about three kilometers from the village.