Founded in the Bronze Age by the ancient Sardinian civilization of Nuragics, Modolo is a little village inhabited by less than 200 people. Located about ten minutes by car from Bosa, the town is well-known for agricultural production. The hills surrounding the village are covered with olive trees, cherry trees and Malvasia vines, the grapes of which are used for the production of the famous local Malvasia di Bosa wine.

Over the centuries, the territory of Modolo has been inhabited by various civilizations who left traces of their presence in the area. Among them you will find some prehistoric graves called domus de janas, several remains of nuraghes, as well as the Roman villa called Modulo Valise.

While visiting Modolo, do not miss the local churches, among which the parish church of Saint Andrew the Apostle (Sant’Andrea Apostolo), Madonna del Grappolo or St Isidoro. If you come to the village on the 16th or 17th of January, you will have the chance to participate in the Fuochi di Sant’Antonio Abate festivity, accompanied by bonfires, wine and local products tasting.

Modolus – Modus – Modolo

The name Modolo derives from the Latin modus, in turn diminutive of modulus, which means small extension. The foundation of Modulus probably took place around the III century B.C., following the frequentation of Phoenicians first and then of Romans.