Located on the north-east of Sardinia, Planargia is a sub-region of the island, situated between the northern Montiferru and the lower valley of the Temo River. Overall, the territory of Planargia, situated entirely in the Oristano province, covers around 298 square kilometers and includes the municipalities of Bosa, Magomadas, Flussio, Modolo, Montresta, Suni, Sagama, Tinnura and Tresnuraghes.

Planargia owes its name to the basaltic plateau on which it is located. The area is well-known for the variety of landscapes and diversified nature. On the territory you will find both mountains, hills, rivers as well beautiful sandy and rocky beaches. The mild climate of the plateau makes it a perfect area for agriculture, particularly for the grapes cultivation. As a matter of fact, Planargia is famous for the cultivation and production of Malvasia wine.

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