The so-called rural churches are the Catholic churches situated in rural areas, often isolated and built far from inhabited settlements In the territory of Bosa there are seven sanctuaries of this type, situated on both banks of the river Temo: the church of Santa Giusta, the church of Sant’Eligio, the church of San Martino, the church of Santi Cosimo e Damiano, the church of San Giorgio, the church of Santa Maria Caravetta and the former cathedral of Bosa, San Pietro Extra Muros.

The rural churches of Bosa were built in different historical periods, between the XI and the XVII century. Some sanctuaries were built on the remains of ancient pagan buildings, such as the church of Sant’Eligio built on the foundations of a nuraghe, a megalithic building of the ancient Nuragic civilization. Over the centuries, some rural temples have been rebuilt or restored. However, most of the churches remain closed during the year and are only opened for the celebrations of the feasts of the patron saints.

During your visit to Bosa do not forget to check the calendar of feasts and do not miss the opportunity to explore these unique sanctuaries.

The opening days of the rural churches in Bosa:

  • 14th May feast of Santa Giusta (church of Santa Giusta)
  • 29th June Feast of St. Peter the Apostle (Church of St. Peter Extra Muros)
  • 8th September feast of Santa Maria di Caravetta (church of Santa Maria di Caravetta)
  • 1st December feast of St. Eligius (church of Sant’Eligio)
  • 26 September Feast of Saints Cosmas and Damian (Church of Saints Cosimo and Damian)