S’abba druche beach

S’Abba Druche, which in Sardinian means “sweet water”, is a sandy beach situated about six kilometres from the town of Bosa. The beach, which due to its rather small size could be crowded during the summer, is surrounded by rocks and Sardinian nature. S’Abba Druche is an ideal place for families and snorkelers, who will be amazed by the marine flora and fauna that populate the emerald waters. In addition, there are various facilities in the area, such as a restaurant, a bar and a camping area.

S’Abba Druche and archaeological excavations

The S’Abba Druche area is also an important place from a historical point of view. Archaeological research has revealed the presence of ancient human settlements dating back to the Nuragic and Roman periods. Among the finds, there are the remains of a nuraghe, a typical building erected by the Sardinian Nuragic civilization, a well and two Roman baths.

S'Abba druche beach