San Pietro extra Muros, the Church of Saint Peter

The church of San Pietro Extra Muros is located on the left side of the river Temo, about two kilometers from the center of Bosa. In the past the temple, which is the oldest Romanesque church in Sardinia, served as the Cathedral of the city. The name “extra muros” comes from the fact that the church was built outside the walls of the Malaspina castle. Up to the 16th century the territory around the sanctuary was inhabited; after the construction of a new district called Sa Costa on the hill of Serravalle, the population started transferring closer to the castle and abandoning the area.

The church was erected between 1063 and 1073 in red trachyte stone. However, some of its elements were constructed later: the apse, the 24-meter-high bell tower as well as the perimeter walls were built in the following century, whereas the beautiful gothic facade was added in the 13th century.

Visiting the church of San Pietro Extra Muros

The Church is easily reachable from the center of Bosa. After crossing the river Temo by the old bridge called Ponte Vecchio, you can either make a walk of 1,6 kilometers along the picturesque riverside or arrive directly to the temple by car. San Pietro Extra Muros is open every day from April to October, except for Mondays. In other months it can be visited by appointment.


• Via S. Pietro, 08013 Bosa OR
• +39 340 395 5048