The large beach of Bosa Marina stretches along the bay, and is the most important centre of the Planargia. The sea has emerald green shades alternating with blue, with a sandy bottom. For its clear and clean waters also in 2020 it received the coveted 5 VELE by Legambiente and Touring Club, a precious recognition.

It is the ideal beach for families with children. It also offers bathing establishment services during the summer period from June to September. Very rich in fish, visible even on shore thanks to transparent waters, it is not rare to see dolphins.

It should be remembered that on all Sardinian coasts, Article 40 of Regional Law No. 16 of 28 July 2017, paragraph 2, mentions:

Unless the fact constitutes a more serious offence, anyone who removes, holds, sells even small quantities of sand, pebbles, stones or shells coming from the coast or the sea in the absence of a regular authorisation or concession issued by the competent authorities is subject to an administrative sanction ranging from 500 to 3,000 euros.


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