The coastal road Bosa-Alghero

The coastal road Bosa – Alghero is one of the most scenic roads on the island. This 45 km long motorway, suspended between the sea, the Mediterranean nature and the mountains, is a spectacle of coastal views, which you can admire comfortably seated on board your vehicle. Its beauty is also appreciated by advertising producers, who have used the road as a backdrop for various commercials. The passion of motorcyclists who come from all over Europe.

The coastal road begins in Bosa as the provincial road 49 and halfway to Alghero becomes the provincial road 105. Passing along the motorway you will reach many interesting places, such as S’Abba Drucche, the beach of Cumpoltittu and the Torre Argentina near Bosa, or the beaches Las Tronas with throne-shaped rocks and Calabona with pink limestone rocks near Alghero.