The Cottolengo House

The Casa del Cottolengo, known as the Little House of Divine Providence Cottolengo, is a residence that offers different types of assistance to disabled people. The structure is managed by the Sisters of St. Joseph Benedict Cottolengo, a convent founded in 1830 by St. Joseph Benedict Cottolengo of Turin, and is part of the network of Cottolengo’s facilities around the world. The house offers support and assistance to adults with different types of disabilities, such as physical, psychic or psychosensory disabilities, and can accommodate up to 30 people.

The Cottolengo house also belongs to the church of St. Philomena, which every year around 10 August celebrates the feast of the patron saint.


Via Parpaglia, 3 08013 Bosa (OR)

+39 0785 373105