The village of Tresnuraghes is located about ten kilometers south from Bosa. The name of the village, inhabited by about 1200 people, comes from its proximity to three nuraghes, ancient constructions erected by the Nuragic civilization from the Bronze age. Only the remains of one of the three constructions survived until our times. However, the surroundings of Tresnuraghes conserve also other relevant nuragic buildings. Among them you will find a tomb of giants as well as the nuraghes Tepporo, Martine and Nani.

While visiting the village of Tresnuraghes do not miss the parochial church of Saint George Martyr (chiesa di San Giorgio Martire) and other smaller temples. An interesting spot is also the museum called Casa Deriu, where you can learn more about life of the bourgeois Sardinian families, admire authentic furniture left by the previous inhabitants of the building as well as a collection of roughly 1000 volumes published between the 17th and the 20th century.

About five kilometers from Tresnuraghes, you will find a watchtower called the Torre Foghe, built on the mount Riu Mannu during the Spanish domination. Together with the watchtowers of Ischia Ruja and Columbargia, the Torre Foghe was a part of the coastal warning system.