Sagama is a small village located 12 kilometers from Bosa, in the Planargia region. The village, inhabited by less than 200 persons, is immersed in the picturesque forests and vineyards. It is also an important testimony of the Nuragic era. As a matter of fact, Sagama is located on a hill in the valley called Badd’e Sagama, in the center of an ancient nuraghe crown. Originally, the crown was composed of nine nuraghes. Nowadays, we can still admire the remains of six of them, called Funtanedda, Nuratolu, Molineddu, Muristene, Mura de Ganes and Pascialzos.

In the area of Sagama, there are also important funeral monuments, like the Giants’ Tombs in Triganino, Sa Costa-Triganinu, Terra d’Onore or Fakkiganu. The territory registers also remains from the Roman era, among which burials, coins or roof tiles, and a menhir Sa Pedra Marmurada in Mura Pianu.

While visiting Sagama, do not miss the parish church of San Gabriele Arcangelo, built in the 17th century, as well as the church of Santa Croce and of Vergine del Carmelo.