Suni is a town in Planargia, located about ten kilometers east from Bosa. The territory of this little town has been inhabited since prehistoric times and still nowadays maintains relevant traces of the ancient civilizations’ presence. The most important remains of the Nuragics, a Sardinian civilization from the Bronze Age, can be found in the Archaeological Park of Suni. In its area you will discover the nuraghes Nuraddeo and Seneghe, as well as an ancient grave domus de janas, called Chirisconsis.

While visiting Suni, do not miss the house-museum, called Tiu Virgiliu. This special museum, located in an old authentic building, will guide you through the everyday life of Suni’s inhabitants from the 19th and 20th century. Among different objects, you will find agricultural and artisanal tools, furniture, musical instruments or toys, and you will learn more about life and work on the Sardinian countryside.

Other interesting places to visit are the church of San Pancrazio from the 15th century as well as the parochial church of Santa Maria della Neve. The village of Suni belongs also to “Strade della Malvasia”, a network of local producers of the famous Malvasia di Bosa wine.