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Financed with European funds from the RDP of the Region of Sardinia, an app has been launched to help visitors discover the town of Bosa in the province of Oristano. A project to use digital tools to enhance rural areas, boost tourism and make the enchanting place in the Planargia sub-region known directly from a smartphone.

VISIT BOSA OFFICIAL, the digital application financed with 2014-2020 European funds from the RDP (Rural Development Plan) of the Region of Sardinia, has been launched. A project to enhance the territory and, in particular, rural areas, by investing in research and development of digital tools. Not only to carry on non-agricultural activities, but to keep up with an increasingly demanding tourism.

The “VISIT BOSA OFFICIAL” APP was created by Ines Caloisi’s HOStOUR, and represents an innovative service for the town of Bosa (OR) to promote culture and creativity through the possibility of getting to know the town’s points of interest by geolocating them. And where you can travel from your smartphone into the ‘city of colours’, which is how Bosa presents itself to the world with the multicoloured facades of its houses when you arrive. A different way of discovering the enchanting village, the splendid sea, the history, culture and authentic traditions of the main town in the Planargia sub-region.

It is undeniable that the sector most affected by the CoViD-19 pandemic is tourism, but a real revival of this sector cannot be separated from the implementation, if not the creation from scratch, of innovative digital business activities and services for the promotion of tourism also in the regional rural contexts. VISIT BOSA OFFICIAL” is part of this digital promotion approach. The App can be downloaded free of charge from Google Play Store for Android and from Apple Store for iOS, it adapts to all types of smartphones, is in both Italian and English and the contents are audible to those who cannot read.

New ways of understanding tourism in rural areas serve to broaden the possibilities of enjoying the hospitality of these places and help enhance the territory. Because start-ups contribute to and activate processes of social innovation and make the economy grow. Culture, creativity and a system of innovative services in rural tourism can generate multiple positive effects on individuals as well as in the community, with favourable repercussions for this type of territory.

This is a philosophy in which HOStOUR strongly believes, which is why it has joined the EU-funded project, within the framework of the Sardinia Region’s call for proposals 6.2, to launch an entrepreneurial action in the town of Bosa that invests precisely in the search for digital development and also provides a useful tool that will serve to further enrich the tourist appeal of this territory.

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Bosa, 6/4/2021